Hello All! My name is Janet but you can call me Net. Welcome to my site where I express my thoughts through writing. As a mother of 3, an educator, a wife, and a writer, there are so many topics to discuss. We must always remember to take a moment and live in the present despite how busy we can be in our own lives. To share my thoughts with others that possibly have or had similar thoughts as I do is a good enough reason to start this blog. Since I have many thoughts, questions, experiences, and curiosities I figured what better place to share this than with other family, friends, or strangers on the web! As a result I decided that not only will I be touching on topics related to parenting but also on topics that we may experience or want to experience overall. Yes, you may find me to be a tad rude at times but hey! We’re only human. Yes, “only God can judge us” but we like to judge too! Besides, we are all imperfectly perfect (imprfctly_prfct).

I hope you enjoy the variety of writing I have provided to share with you that go BeYawnedMoms (Beyond Moms)! Let the blogging begin!

Peace, Love, and Prosperity. – J.E.V.