Potty Training Time

Have you ever thought that when you have school aged children, you wouldn’t have another one however life blesses you with another? Everything you knew from the previous baby stages comes back and you feel like you’re a pro all over again until it’s time for potty training. (Bum Bum Buuuum!)

I previously potty trained my two daughters and thought it was easy. Since I now have a son i thought, “pfft, how hard could it be?” I was in for a rollercoaster ride. My husband and I began reading articles on potty training, played YouTube videos to show to our son, and read potty time bedtime stories but none of them worked. One night he sat on the toilet and we were excited because he urinated in it but for some reason he never returned to the potty. He would run the moment we would extend an invitation to the bathroom so he could use the potty.

I then decided to enforce the underwear after his second birthday. He appeared excited then pulled them off two minutes later and ran around the house naked. He eventually got use to them but feared them once he had a disgusting accident in them and back to pull ups we went. After a few months we decided to try it out again. He gave us an easier time and kept his underwear on. The first day he had a few accidents. The second day their were leas accidents. The third day even less. On the fifth day he would yell “mommy i have too pee!”, and it was smooth sailing from there!

When it comes to potty training, i noticed you have to allow your tot time to get familiar and comfortable with the potty, underwear, and the process. When my daughters were toddlers i was a stay at home mom so it was easier for me to get them accustomed to potty training. This time around it was different. I had to inform and constantly remind my sons daycare that i was potty training him and needed their assistance while he was there. I packed extra clothing and underwear that you would think he was going away on a mini vacation. Thankfully his day care providers were able to help me potty train him as well and updated me on his progress.

My advice to you parents would be to be on top of the provider that stays with your tot while you’re at work. Make sure everyone is on the same page and speak to your tot constantly. They understand more than what we think they do. Be patient and remember to let them take their time. Additionally, never forget to pack extra clothes and undies (and don’t be as excessive as me-ha!). What can i say? I’m a proud momma that cares about keeping dirty underwear clean. Until next time!

One of those woman things

I want to go personal. Real personal. Last night, after an intense session of some baby making, i immediately was in excruciating pain. I mean from pleasure straight to pain on maximum overdrive. Since I have had the IUD for two years the pain in my pelvic area has become an unfortunate commonality after sex, although it doesn’t happen all of the time. When it does happen it sucks. Horribly.

Once we did our thing he turned on the PlayStation (typical guy hobby), and i laid back to watch him play when all of a sudden BOOM! I took a deep breathe and felt the pain creep up then go full throttle on my body. Focusing on my breathing and controlling my pain tolerance, i remembered when my gynecologist suggested i try switching positions until I’m comfortable. I did that to no avail. As the pain got worse I simply remained still. I began having flashbacks of labor and the the contractions i had when my water broke. I tried so hard not to freak out and not freak my husband out but i could not hold it. As i began sobbing i asked him for a warm towel to place on my stomach. He hurriedly provided he towel and placed it on my stomach.

It was a pain that made me weak. It began in my cervix then shot to my stomach. Then it proceeded to my right side. The way I think, I began to think it was my appendix or something else. The pain then continued up through my chest and my neck. In my stomach I felt a burning sensation and then suddenly hungry. It was a rollercoaster of pain that lasted an hour and a half. The warm towel eased the pain slightly to no avail. I was finally able to go to sleep and woke up the next day with slight annoying pain in my cervix and my right oblique. I contacted my Primary Care Physicians office and was directed to contact my gynecologist office who made me an appointment to see her the same day. I explained to her everything. After she did a thorough exam she concluded that it appeared that I ruptured a cyst during sex which caused all the bloating and pain that irritated my body. Doctors orders were pain relievers for the next few days and to give it about two weeks to completely go away and no sex. I thanked her and thought to myself “No sex?.. yeah ok. Once I’m better we’ll be back at it of course ;)”. She also recommended that if it begin to have a fever and vomit then i should return to my Primary Doctor otherwise return in two weeks if the pain persists. So far the pain killers are helping with slight pain as usual. I don’t expect it to be gone overnight but hey I’m glad to know that I can sit down comfortably. Hopefully it’s nothing worse. On that note, welcome to my life. This was just one of those woman things (shrugs shoulders).

Curiosity killed the cat

Why are men so nonchalant? It appears that they only worry about their earnings and video games.

Why are men so quiet you tell them a complaint or a concern? They brush it off with one or two words like ok and don’t worry.

Why are women full of thoughts and questions? We over analyze and catch anxiety while the men look unfazed.

It is simply amazing the differences between men and women. It is a real life comedy that has no end.

You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.


A letter in thoughts..

One would never think about how close they are with a coworker until you leave the job and continue to stay in touch with a former colleague. Once you continue to stay in touch you begin to build this trusting relationship and begin to view each other as family. When one person needs something, the other person will assist when possible and vise versa. A sisterly bond is then formed and you become somewhat of bestfriends. As time passes, you speak less however each time you do speak to each other its as if you saw the person yesterday. Then one day comes and you begin to write to your friend asking how they are and you don’t get a response. Thinking its normal since your sister usually does things like that and takes years to respond, you find out the following week that your friend is dead. Your confidant. The person you would always randomly contact to bother will no longer answer your texts or calls. This death has been taking hard on my end. You wouldn’t think it but being close to someone and losing them sucks. Too many deaths in the past year. I wish the people I care about and myself would last forever but that can not be unfortunately. We are not wizards or vampires. We are not Gods. One thing I do know is that the best method to heal my wound is to write when I need too. Paper and pen is my best friend. In this case, keyboard and computer :). Within the past seven months I have lost a lot of people but this one person is the topic of my discussion. I just sit here and think of how amazing it is. A friendship with a colleague you spend most of your time with, you’re bound to be tight. I have cherished every second spent with you my Jen Jen. The memories are what I will try to hold on too until I can not remember anymore. 🙂 We have had some good times and I will continue to view you as a big sister. Here I end my letter.. I miss our crazy conversations 🙂 you and your children are loved. Many blessings to them <3…


Gender and Society

It is to my knowledge that many people judge not only on the cover of a book but also the gender of the item. Although this may sound like gibberish, to me it all makes sense.

Why is it that men feel the need to bash a woman for wanting to be more than just a mother, an average 9-5 worker, an ear to be available when the need to vent required?

Why cant a woman be more than the average wife? Maybe an officer? A military personnel? Work two jobs if needed? I see.. A woman with three children needs to solely focus on the home. Cook dinner once arriving home. Help the children with their homework. Bathe the children. Put them to bed. Maybe read a bed time story or two or three. Typical daily living skills a mother conducts while working a 9-5 job and still squeezing in school when possible because college had to be put on hold.

A great support system is never an issue however it becomes an issue when dreams seem possible and almost at your grasp until “through thick and thin” gets mentioned and the fear of a “busy schedule” gets questioned.

A proud woman and a mother of three. Dreams that are possible to achieve. However when gender and society is brought into the mix, it would be normal and okay for the male to be the one taking on two jobs. The one to not be around the family as much or even have a ridiculous work schedule. Society views women, particularly mothers as the ones who should remain home and focus on the nurture vs the man focuses on the nature. The one that takes the lead.

What if tables were turned? What would society say? Many hypocritical comments would be coming my way. Along with every other mother who wishes to accomplish more than beyond her reach. Many have done it yet why is it new when it has to do with me?

Many thoughts flow into and out of my head. The gender roles in society will never come to an end. However I am one that always pushes forward to go above and beyond. I teach my children that we are all one. Women may not be as strong as men but we make up in areas that they can not. We accomplish much more at once and can use our brains often better then them. We are all unique but the work mothers take on conquers all. So let us be and let us live. Let us reach beyond our grasp and if we mess up we simply get up and try it again. 😉



An image of an isle with flowers and soft melodies touching the souls of the audience. Everyone stands as the bridal party and groomsmen walk down the isle. The groom stares and becomes awed by his future bride approaching the floral alter. As they respond I do in sync they look back on the present days where bridesmaids seem to drive each other insane and laugh with relief knowing that it all turned it great.

sawA reality that not many young women in my neighborhood growing up get to experience and for that The bride is thankful. The business of days to come and stress that continues to pile up high while anxiously waiting for the day to finally come. Afraid of the unknown events that may take place yet these events of the bride and groom are not what worries her but of her bridesmaids.

Looking at the present time it is questioned how people that are suppose to come together can easily dissagree to certain things because of one persons faults. How one person can seem to be so selfish and want things a certain way as if it were their own wedding. A perspective is what is expected to be received yet it seems like complaints that one does. It seems to be unable to understand.

Reality is what is being spoken of briefly. A statement to share with the world whom reads this that life is precious and continue to move forward. Focus solely on the importance of the bride and groom. Focus on the fun that should and will be. Focus on a union of everlasting life and memories that will be made wether good or bad instead of focusing on selfish wants and fears that will not accomplish anything.

With purpose I write a brief story of the craziness I did not think was possible up until now. Yet I find it amusing and can’t help but laugh because it reminds me of the movies bridesmaids, 27 dresses, and bridezilla. I’m sure there are much more I can not seem to remember at the moment. The events that take place at the present time are entertaining yet stressful. There are more than enough things to worry about so I end with some advice. Never get upset when life is so short. Look forward to tomorrow and do not focus on the past for it can risk the possibility of one staying stuck on the past. Never be selfish. The heart has enough room to continue to grow as well as ones minds. For any occasion, focus on the important things never on the minor. At the end of it all, it will only be you that will remain displeased.

On that note, let the planing proceed!


Do you ever wonder why women are considered to have postpartum after the delivery of their newborn? Has anyone ever questioned if that was really it? I think its more than a diagnoses the Physician gives women. Can you (whether man or woman) picture yourself banned for six weeks without any type of intercourse or stimulation? Has anyone thought of the possibility it can be a simple dry spell? Something a little sex might fix?

Several studies have been made that sex makes things better. A better mood, a better day, a better person in general. Just think about it. Think about the most miserable person you know. Imagine how happier and more tolerable they may be after some good sex. I’m sure they wont be “miserable” anymore. If you don’t believe me just do some research for yourself. It doesn’t hurt to be more educated on the topic.

So why is it that providers like to diagnose women with postpartum? Maybe to get more money from their insurance company’s for the visits and drugs they may possibly give the women. Even referrals to psychiatrists that they may believe will help them. I think it’s all in the mind. Many questions run through my head when I begin to feel overwhelmed with dealing with so much but then i know once me and my husband get a moment i will feel a thousand times better. Postpartum may not be what everyone thinks it is. Sex may be the answer. Just some food for thought.

Hello world!

To introduce my thoughts to others that possibly have similar thoughts as I do is a good enough reason to start this blog. To hopefully earn some extra cash is another. Lets be realistic, dont most people begin writing blogs with the means to earn some money in the end? Since I have many thoughts, questions, and curiosities I figured what better place to share this than with other family, friends, or strangers on the web! As a result I decided that not only will I be touching on topics related to parenting but also on topics that us humans may experience or want to experience overall. Yes you may find me to be a tad rude at times but hey! We’re only human. Yes, “only God can judge us” but we like to judge too! Let the blogging begin!